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  • Q. How many sessions will I need?  

  • A. SFH often sees positive results quickly! Generally between 6-10 sessions works for most people but could be more or less depending on the individual. Stop smoking can be done in one session, phobia’s can be done in four (depending on individuals) 

  •  Q. Is it priced per session or dependent on issues? 

  • A. The price is fixedper session, in your first session you ger an audio recording that is like a mini therapy session to be used at bedtime  and effectively reduces the numbers of session you might need thus saving you money

  • Q. Do you do  group or individual sessions?

  • A. Therapy is on an  individual basis  but we can provide group sessions for things like relaxation, promoting general positive health, sports performance etc 

  •  Q.  How do you measure results? 

  • A. We use a scaling approach led by how the client feels and  and I also buy into  a clinical outcomes tool called CORP that uses a measurement of seven key areas of wellbeing, and we measure this at every session and the client sees their progress which is rewarding 

  • Q. Is your therapy long lasting? 

  • YES! I  know clients who are benefitting years after they finished  their solution focused hypnotherapy

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